What Does Op Mean/ Op Definition and How To Use Op

What does op mean? I talk about this in a nutshell? Examples of op definition and useful conversation in English briefly talk about internet usage.

What Does Op Mean?     

= Op is the most used original poster. Through their conversation, they started the discussion that the relationship to be talked about is that of social media. They are people who originally made the post. They are called op.

Conversation  Example:-

Here are a few examples of usage like:-

Social Media Post:-  I am going to the fair tomorrow.

Comment1:  It feels good to go to the fair. Have a good time in the fair.

Comment 2: I am waiting to go to the fair. There is a desire to go to the fair.

Their example shows that people are using social media through the internet. And they have conversations through social media.

Other Meaning:-

When we saying something about this topic. Then, the first meaning means the original poster. You can share any topic with your friends on social media.


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