How to Draw Smooth Lines with Stroke Stabilization in Procreate

Confusing strokes and messy outlines are a nightmare for any artist. Without smooth dark lines, many works of art would lose their clean and impressive value of aesthetics. Well, the new Procreate 5.2 update brings a multi-request feature to help you with this problem. One of the major features of Procreate 5.2 is called Stroke Stabilization. As a major upgrade to the existing streamline features in Procreate, this is one of the most sought-after features by artists. We can unpack a lot with the stabilization feature, so let’s not waste too much time and learn how to use stroke stability in Procreate on iPad.

Stroke Stabilization in Procreate:Explained:-

The purpose of this feature is to help artists create smoother and more tapered strokes. You don’t have to constantly think about every turn and twist when drawing outlines or shapes that enable stroke stability. The process can help you draw faster and without many accidental ups and downs. The end result here will be even and smooth and will work on any supported iPad model, including the M1 iPad Pro and even the new iPad Mini 6. The stabilization option packs many options, use the table below to avoid your features.

How to Turn on Stroke Stabilization Per Brush in Procreate:-

Procreate has both global and brush-based settings for stroke stability. First, we will focus on the brush-based features that you can apply to individual brushes. It has deeper alternatives and is used more than global stability. So, let’s open the Procreate app and get started.

First, open your existing artwork. You can tap the “+” button in the upper right corner of the screen. To create a new canvas you can choose the size that best suits your needs. You can also choose to import and draw 3D models in Procreate. The app does not allow us to edit brush settings from outside the canvas.

Once the artwork is open, tap the paintbrush icon at the top right of the screen. This will open the brush library with a list of brushes available in ProCreat.

   Here, you can scroll through the various brushes installed in your app. Once you find the brush whose settings you want to adjust, tap on the name or pattern of the brush. This will open the Brush Settings page. We will edit the settings of the “Monoline” brush under the Calligraphy section for this tutorial.

   Taping on the brush will take you to Brush Studio, i.e. on the settings page. You can find different settings for each brush available in the app here. To access the Stroke Stabilization feature in Procreate go to the “Stabilization” section from the left sidebar.

Now, there are several separate options in the stabilization section of Brush Studio. We’ll go over each of them as we talk about the difference they’ll make with your stroke.

Stroke Stabilization Features in Procreate:-

ProCreat Brush Studio’s new Stability section has three options, including Streamline, Stability, and Motion Filtering. Each of them may sound similar, but they offer a unique way to smooth out your strokes. So without further ado, let’s go over each option to better understand them.


Many Procreate users may already be familiar with the streamline setting because it was available on the app even before the 5.2 updates. Not much has changed with this popular brush setting. Streamline removes the irregular movement caused by minor accidents while creating your stroke.

With regular strokes, the ink moves freely from your brush and is affected by even the tiniest movement of your fingers. Meanwhile, as soon as the streamline is turned on, the ink follows a hard path and does not allow your stroke to be affected unless there is a large movement of the brush. Let’s see what happens to a normal round figure if I increase the amount of streamline from 0% to 100%.

As you can see, the circle drawn along the streamline is smoother and less wobbly than a regular circle. This is close to the actual size of a circle with the same minimal effort. You can use this feature to create calligraphy, shapes, and even outlines. Streamline has two internal settings.

  • Amount:-

It determines the stickiness and evenness of your stroke. You can use the slider to turn on streamline values for smooth strokes. However, stopping it will bring you back to your normal stroke.

  • Pressure:-

Once the pressure on the streamline has stopped, the stroke smoothing will begin as soon as you stroke. But if you increase the pressure using the slider, the smooth effect will start as soon as you apply some pressure while drawing strokes.


This feature can be seen as a more aggressive version of Streamline. Stability, technically, takes an average of the movements you make through a stroke and a predictive average of what you are trying to do. Simply put, instead of following the movements of your natural pencil, it automatically makes your shape much smoother and smoother.

So, what you get with active stroke stability in Procreate is a simpler shape than your actual movement or the actual stroke you created. To better understand this, see what happens in regular circulars since I have increased the value of stability from 0% to 100%.

Motion Filtering:-

If you think stroke stabilization is too serious to turn your hand-drawn circle into a straight line, wait until you see motion filtering.

As the name implies, this feature filters out all the restless movements detected by Procret’s algorithm. Yes, there is no average or focus on accidental movement like the other two options. In contrast to stability, motion filtering is not affected by the speed of your stroke. So, regardless of your pressure or speed, motion filtering will give you smooth and straight strokes. Let’s see how the feature works and how it affects a simple round image.

  • Amount:-

Use the volume slider to increase speed filtering and make strokes more straight and smooth. Keep it below 70 to avoid losing the ability to create curved figures.

  • Expression:-

This setting prevents the rigorous behavior of motion filtering algorithms. It gives your stroke some normal expression. This means it ignores a few minor ups and downs and still tries to incorporate your normal stroke flow, keeping the figure mostly straight and smooth.

How to Enable Stroke Stabilization for all Brushes in Procreate:-

If you want to use stability with one or two brushes, adjusting it to the internal settings seems like a good option. However, this is also possible if you want canvas-wide stability to save time and labor. With the Procreate 5.2 update, the app has introduced the global “Pressure and Smoothing” settings for the convenience of users. Here’s how to access it.

First, tap the “Action” button in the upper left corner of the screen, it will appear next to the “Gallery” option.

Then, from the Action drop-down menu, toggle the “Prefs” option. Then, tap the “Pressure and Smoothing” option.

Now, you will see the option to adjust the stabilization, motion filtering, and motion filtering expressions. The use of these options remains the same as described in the section above. You can use the slider for each option by swiping your finger or pencil to adjust the values. The rest of the settings here are related to stress, and you can leave them as they are.

Stabilization vs Streamlines in Procreate 5.2 Updates:-

In previous versions of Procreate 5.2, users had the option to use Streamline as the only reliable alternative to smooth strokes. There was no option in the app to work according to the pressure. By comparison, the latest update gives you 3 different types of stroke stabilizers. Each of them has unique functions and techniques to smooth out your strokes in the process. Also, you have the option of sorting your strokes according to the desired speed, pressure, and normal expression.

To understand how this update actually differs, let’s create an image with the original Streamline option and then recreate it using the new stabilization options. In both cases, there is a complete digestive tract.

The first difference you can notice here is the smooth flow of the line. The stabilization feature automatically removes any shaking or instability during your drawing. Then, they help you to automatically create a shape, which is most noticeable in the triangular flag part. Stroke stability in Procreate 5.2 will not take away your normal size if you use it with the right settings. You can play with each stabilizer until you find the one that works best for you.

Final Words:-

Hopefully, through this post, I have been able to tell your people about how to draw smooth lines with stroke stabilization in procreate. You’ve found the site you have been looking for to watch people. Keep away from some websites. If you know anything you can ask through the comments below.


How to Enable Spatial Sound and Enhance Audio on Windows 11

In this post, We will tell you how to turn on the local audio at the airpot. We’ll show you how to find the spatial sound on a windows 11 computer. We will try to give you an additional audio experience on your PC as well. So, we will guide you on how to enable advanced audio in windows11.

Enable Spatial Sound and Enhance Audio on Windows11:-

Local sound will provide a more immersive audio experience on your device. Allows you to configure audio or performance-specific audio settings elsewhere. Netflix has introduced local audio support for the compatible iPhone. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation for apple music worldwide. So let us show you how to listen to the local sound and advanced audio of windows 11 computer without any hassle.

What is Spatial Sound in Windows 11?:-

Spatial sound is an enhanced immersive audio experience. Where the sound flows around you, including the overhead of a three-dimensional virtual scale. This feature allows you to submerge audio in a switch plip. According to Microsoft, it has provided an improved environment.

With spatial sound, you can listen to movies better on windows 11 PC. However, if native support provides loud audio.

What Spatial Sound Formats Does Windows 11 Supports:-

Windows support word format in multiple spaces. Which includes windows sonic for headphones. Windows Sonic is Microsoft’s built-in technology.

How to Enable Spatial Sound in Windows11:-

Windows 11 spatial audio is known as 3D audio. You can easily divide it into two parts. Which is in the settings and control panel. We will demonstrate both methods in this post.

Methods1: Through Windows Settings:-Windows 11 keyboard shortcuts open the settings using windows. First, go to the system and click on sound.

Then, click to get the card under output. You will see a dropdown menu with a list of audio output devices attached to your problem.

Scroll down here. Then, click on the type dropdown menu under the special word section. Finally, you need to select windows sonic for the headphones.

Methods2: From the Control Panel:-

First, you need to open the control panel of your windows 11 computer. Select-control panel from windows search home control search.

The control panel needs to confirm that you are using eye confusion. Next windows need to make sure you have playback. Now you need to identify the Shown output device. Right-click on the pop-up menu.

The next flow must be suppressed indoor spatial sound. Then, click on the drop-down menu under spatial sound format. You need to select a spatial sound app to buy windows online for headphones.

What is Enhance Audio in Windows 11?:-

Windows 11 is a collection of configurable settings. Allows your headphones or earphones to tune the overall sound output to your PC to your like. You can normalize the output audio so that the ads are realistic. So, let’s find out how you can improve the windows 11 audio experience in just a few seconds.

How to Enable enhance in Windows 11?:-

Windows 11 enhanced audio feature is easy to use because you only have to go to sound settings on your pc.

Go to Settings -> System -> Sound, as explained in the previous article. Then, scroll down to the “Advanced” section and click on “All Sound Devices”.

Now, under Output Device, select the output device for which you want to enable an enhanced audio experience. For me, that would be my headphones.

Then, under the “Output Settings” of your headphones, turn on the “Enhance Audio” toggle. Microsoft says it should “automatically improve the sound quality”. To further fine-tune and adjust your audio preferences, click the “Advanced” option.

Now, in the pop-up window, select the audio enhancement of your choice. Finally, be sure to click “Apply” before closing the window to save the changes. Now you know how to enhance the audio experience in Windows 11.

Improve the Audio Experience on your Windows 11PC:-

We hope that enabling spatial sound and modifying advanced audio settings will help improve the audio experience on your Windows 11 PC. Now that you know how to adjust the audio experience to your PC to your liking, learn how to improve the battery life of your Windows laptop. The linked article mentions Windows 10, but most methods work perfectly on Windows 11 as well.




Top 10+ Best iOS Emulatiors for PC Windows 10/7/8:-

An emulator is a software that will help run any iOS-based and game. Can’t use an iOS emulator to let you know if you don’t have an android device. So if you don’t own an iOS device like your iPhone, you can’t use iOS apps. Plenty of iPad emulators are available for PC or you have to pay some money. iOS emulators have many features. You can use the free iOS emulators on windows PC to play your iPhone games. So, if you are looking for the best iOS emulator for your laptop or PC then you will find it in this post.

Let’s take a look at the best iOS emulators for windows 10/8.1and windows 7 powered muscles without delay:

Top10+ iOS Emulator for PC Windows 10/8.1/7:-

iOS emulator is an app that you can easily use on a windows PC. You need to use the iOS application on your windows device. The list of emulators for Windows PC will help you.

How to Install iOS Emulator on PC Windows 10/8.1 and 7:-

Just follow the steps below to install this iOS simulator.

Step1:- First you need to find the emulator by looking at this list. After finding the emulator, You have to download it. Which supports your PC.

Step2:- Now you need to start the installation process. For which you can download any file.

Step3:- The iOS emulator of your choice has been installed.

Step4:- Need to set up an iPhone or Ipad in iOs device. Then install the emulator and click on one. You have to go through the sine process.

iOS app needs to be transferred to PC. Then, install the emulator and click. You can start Windows PC later.

List of Top 10+ Best iOS Emulator for Windows 10/8.1 and 7:-


10+ emulators for PC the first on this list is the iPadian emulator. You have a great emulator for windows PC using the iOS app. This emulator basically supports windows 10, 8.1, and 7.


Appetize is an iOS emulator to run most of the apps and games available to your body easily. Windows version will support you to configure a higher.

AirPhone Emulator:-

AirPhone is a lightweight iOS company that runs one or more apps on their Windows device.


How to Make Circles and Spheres in Minecraft?

The popular sandbox game Minecraft is famous for its pixelated blocky world. The game revolves around using squares and cubes to create your world, so it seems almost impossible to offer circles and spheres in Minecraft. However, with a large community, players always try to find solutions to such interesting but mountainous tasks. Thanks to these players, we have some reliable ways to create almost perfect circles and spheres in Minecraft. With that, let us teach you how to create a circle and sphere in Minecraft.

Make a Circles and Spheres in Minecraft: A Step by- Step Guide:-

You can use some construction techniques to easily create round structures in both Minecraft Java and Bedrock versions. There are some interesting Minecraft modes to help you with this task. And if nothing works, players have come up with some strategies that can help you create a perfect circle in the game. Let’s go over each of these methods in this guide.

How to Make Circles in Minecraft (Manual Methods):-

For our first strategy, we will create a circular shape on the ground. At close distances, it will not appear as a perfect circle. However, as you increase its size and your distance from it, the shape itself becomes smoother. The working principle here is simple. Square blocks of sufficiently small size, arranged in a circular pattern, will appear as a circle from a distance. Here’s how this method works.

Plans and Size of Circles Construction:-

The plan with Minecraft’s basic circles is to create four long horizontal lines of blocks. Then, you connect diagonally with the same number of blocks in each corner. You can start by making small circles the size of 8 x 8 blocks and increase the size until you are satisfied with your creation. Notice that the greater the number of blocks, the more realistic the shape of the circle from a distance. But with the extra number of blocks, the structure will continue to be more complex.

Step to Make an 18×18 Circle in Minecraft:-

If the explanation seems a bit confusing and your head is spinning, let’s find out how to create a circle in the game. But make sure you either enter Minecraft in creative game mode or have at least 59 blocks that we need to create 18 x 18 circles.

  1. To get started, start by drawing two parallel lines with a distance of 18 blocks. The parallel line should be 5 blocks long. The easiest way to do this is to create a long straight line of 18 blocks. Then, draw parallel lines on either side of that 18-block line. You can break the long line of 18 blocks later because it does no work in the finished circle.

2. Now, draw a horizontal line at both ends of the two main lines drawn in the step above. This horizontal line should only be 2 blocks long. With each new line, our goal is to create a diagonal as we move closer to the original parallel line. Then, at the edge of the newly created horizontal line, draw a uniform horizontal line of 2 blocks.

3. While extending the circle, draw a vertical 2 block line from the edge of the last horizontal line. Once you have created this, create another identical vertical 2 block line. The structure should look like an incomplete pixel circle from the top.

4. Finally, all we have to do is create a circle in Minecraft. To do this, you need to create a 5 block line on the outer edge of both incomplete sides. Remember not to fill in the space between existing blocks. Instead, 5-block lines will touch the vertical lines at their ends. The final image should look like the screenshot attached below. The final 5-block parallel lines will have a distance of 18 blocks.5-block parallel lines will have a distance of 18 blocks.

How to Make a Spheres in Minecraft(Manual Methods):-

Once you are comfortable creating a diagonal, it is relatively easy to create a circle. To create a sphere in Minecraft, things can get a bit complicated. But if you follow these steps carefully, you can start by creating a 13 x 13 sphere in a short time.

  1. Start by placing a single block in the air at least 10 blocks above the surface. You can do this by making it from the surface and then breaking the rest of the supporting blocks. Then, place 5 blocks on each of the six sides of the cube block. It will look something like the screenshot below. You can use any type of block to create this structure.

2. Now that the base is ready, we need to start making spheres from the outside. At each end of the newly created block line, create a 3 x 3 square using 9 blocks. The structure should look like the screenshot below after you finish.

3. Now, you need to create a circular shape along the inner edges of the squares. The easiest way to make it is from the inside. Draw a 5 block long straight line located 1 block inside our structure. 1 block away from Central Block. Then, outside the 5-block line, place 3 blocks next to the 3 blocks in the middle. If following the description seems too complicated, try copying the structure in the screenshot below.

4. Once you finish the mini circle on one of the outer edges, you need to repeat the whole process of 9 x 9 squares which we have created in 2 steps. The final structure will look almost like a complete sphere.

How to Make a Circle and Sphere Using Minecraft Mods:-

Now, it’s time to install Forge on Minecraft because we can easily use the mode to create circles and spheres. Minecraft modes can help you create round structures within the game. At Vanilla Minecraft we are avoiding modes that round out blocks to make our structures work. So, the most useful mode for creating circular structures is Minecraft WorldEdit Map Editor. It is exclusive to the Java version like most modes, so Bedrock players cannot use this powerful tool.

  1. To get started, first download WorldEdit mode from Forge. Go to this link and click on the “Download” button on the right side of the page. Additionally, you can check the file section to find a mode compatible with your game version.

2. When the download is complete, you will have a .jar file. If your browser warns you to download a file, be sure to mark it as secure. Since Forge is a trusted website that is mostly used by the Minecraft community, you don’t have to worry about security precautions. Click the “Keep” button to save the file.

3. Now that you have downloaded the mode, all you have to do is copy and paste the file into the Minecraft directory. You need to paste the .jar file in the “Mods” folder of your Minecraft folder.

Make Circles and Spheres in Minecraft with Ease:-

Whether it’s for function or aesthetics, you now know how to create circles and spheres in Minecraft. If you want to use command blocks or modes as your solution, be sure to install Optify in Minecraft. It helps to improve the quality of in-game performance and graphics. Some players may even find pre-built round structures in a few Minecraft Modpacks. But creating your own is really fun and challenging. Now, go ahead and start creating circles and spheres, and don’t forget to share them with your friends.


10 Best Minecraft Island Seeds you Should Try

Once you’ve finished exploring the seeds of the Minecraft jungle or building a city in the seeds with large open spaces, it’s time to challenge yourself. And what better way to do it than with Island Minecraft Biome. Yes, exploring the islands of Minecraft can be a lot of fun. You have a small land around you and limited resources on the water. And if that’s not enough to convince you to try Island Seed, switch to Minecraft’s Survival mode to make the problem worse. That said, take a look at the seeds of this great Minecraft Island for fun exploration in 2021. We list a variety of seeds from a small island to a bunch of islands and offer each of these seeds with all the important locations and useful features.

Best Minecraft Island Seeds:-

Due to the different programming, as of 2021, the seeds are exclusive to the Java and Bedrock versions. We tested the following seeds in Minecraft version 1.17.1, so for the most part you can expect it to run on any version above 1.14.1. You will also find the exact coordinates for the seeds to reach the specified location, even if they are not available in the spawn. The list is not in any particular order, so feel free to explore the seeds according to your interests.

  Minecraft Island Seeds with 3 Villages:-

Being one of the most popular seeds in the Minecraft community, it gives you many benefits. The seed grows next to a flat village near you, which is not uncommon. But then, once you start exploring the island you are on, you can find two more full-size villages on the edge of the island. With a farmer, a priest, and a fisherman, I was able to find a blacksmith for each of the villagers’ own iron slaves and for the villagers to trade in various products. And near our span village, there is another land with a pilaster outpost. Once you are satisfied with your wealth, you can also loot. So yeah, you see, there’s a lot more to explore in this Minecraft Island Seed that tops our list.

 Smallest Island Seed with 2 Shipwrecks:-

In search of our unique Minecraft seeds, we also had the nightmare of a speedrunner. This unique seed grows you in one of the smallest possible Minecraft Islands. The area of ​​Span Island is only 6 blocks, of which 4 are gravel blocks. And right next to it, almost ridiculously, you have 3 more sand blocks, creating another small island. You can learn how to build a boat in Minecraft to navigate this world. If you don’t want to build a marine village, there is a shipwreck nearby that could save your life on this earth. There are 3 loot chests on the wreckage of the ship that contains everything from enchanted items to maps of buried assets. Once you sink, you will also notice a piece of land, which is a huge mountain island. The island also contains the wreckage of another ship containing 3 chests and other useful items, including a map of the buried treasure.

 Desert Temple and Village Island:-

Crazy to hear this seed. We were born on a small flat island next to a slightly larger desert island. The island has not only a desert village but also a desert temple. Due to its texture, it fits perfectly with the village and even the villagers can be seen walking around it. The temple contains diamonds, horse armor, medicines, and other useful loot.

For the village, we can only get masonry and an iron golem. It doesn’t even have a farmer, which is frustrating. But still, you can find a basic chest or a Minecraft crafting table in almost every home. When you explore the village island, you will notice red sand blocks in the village, it will turn into a combination of desert and barren organic matter.

So, not as much as you might expect, another great Badlands Island that you can explore. Beneath the badland is a huge mineshaft, which you can reach by digging near the island. But going through badland will be easier because you don’t have to work underwater.

 Island Near 4 Ocean Monuments:-

If there is any luck involved with Minecraft I would say it must be with this seed. Sea monuments are hard to cross, but this seed grows on a small forest island with 4 sea monuments nearby. You can see both of them from the spawn. If that’s not enough, you’ll find rare shipwrecks near our spawn. It is a complete ship, with all features intact. You can find a buried treasure map in one of the 3 books in it.

Also, 3 more ships were destroyed in this area and 2 of them are on the sidelines. There is also a ruined portal near a monument. This ensures that you can get enough loot from around the monuments before entering them and fighting the enemy crowd.

Hypixel SMP Spawn Island Seed:-

If you’ve joined Minecraft Discord Server, you may have heard of HiPixel SMP. This is a popular online Minecraft server and the source of our next entry for the best Minecraft Island seeds. This is the official seed that the HiPixel team uses for their online SMP server. We got a small beautiful-looking island with lots of animals to serve as the food here.

Furthermore, if you dig directly into your spawn point, it lands you directly at the entrance to a long mineshaft. To help you dig in, take some interesting tools from the wrecked portal near the island. Once you finish with the mineshaft, you will also find a sea monument far away from the island.

Forest Island Next to Huge Mushroom Island:-

Mushroom fields are one of Minecraft’s most sought-after biomes. By default, this biome does not create any adverse mass. And well, these cool Minecraft seeds give you one of the naturally occurring mushroom islands. We were born on a small forest-based island near this island which can provide a lot of resources.

Unfortunately, no food-based plants or animals grow on forest islands. However, Mushroom Island should cover us in that section. Below Mushroom Island is a network of caves that you can explore to get various ores to help you create items in this game. In the meantime, we have a mineshaft at the bottom of the Span Island that can provide useful loot to help us while playing in survival mode.

Huge Mushroom Island Seed with 7+ Biomes:-

This seed on our Best Minecraft Island Seed List also starts with Mushroom Biome. But as you go along, you discover new biomes. From wetlands to jungles, our spawn contains about 7 or more biomes in hundreds of blocks.

To help you explore these biomes, we have 3 shipwrecks and 3 cold debris off the island of Span. All this offers good booty underwater and in their chest. You can also find multiple buried treasure maps for fun side-quests. If you want a base with a touch of almost every Minecraft biome, this is an ideal seed. This is also effective if you run the game fast and need resources from multiple biomes.

Floating Island Minecraft Seed:-

These seeds have multiple useful, cooling, and unique properties. All of them revolve around an amazing Savvana village. Players are born at the bottom of a floating island where villagers have homes. This is a low-light area where you give birth, so you can expect some crowds even during the day.

Then, if you first want to go to a toolsmith’s house near the spawn, you’ll find a chest with 19 obsidian blocks. Okay, this phenomenon makes the seed look almost fake, but yes, it exists. Going forward, if we focus on the original island we created, it also has a toolsmith but no books.

If you explore the rest of the non-floating houses, you will find that almost every one of them has a book. A house has a craft table. Don’t forget, the village has an iron golem, a farmer, a guru, and a cartographer, so your items or resources will never run out. There are also multiple caves, canyons, lava, and water sources around the village.

Bamboo Island with Jungle Temple:-

Our next seed brings you to an island with a bamboo jungle biome. In addition to the beautiful panda, we also find a jungle temple on the island. However, this is not the only jungle temple where you can find these seeds. Among the lands closest to this endless scene is a huge jungle. There, you can find two jungle temples with a ruined portal.

Stranded in Ice Minecraft Island Seed:-

The final entry on our Best Minecraft Island Seed List looks straight to the outside world of cinema. We are stuck on a small piece of forest island. And from that island as far as we can see the formation of ice. But don’t worry, because you can find more biomes by traveling far enough in each direction. The span still creates an iconic rare scene for Minecraft seeds.

The Best Minecraft Survival Island Seeds:-

If you want to fulfill your isolated fantasies in the virtual world, try some of these best Minecraft Island seeds right now. Some are magical in terms of their wealth, others will impress you with their unique looks. One way or another, if played in survival mode, these seeds will offer you the adventurous task of nurturing. If landing on a lonely island doesn’t suit your style, you can check out our list of the best Minecraft Village seeds. Don’t forget, there is always the option to install Forge in Minecraft to make any seed fun and unique with some of the best modes. As interesting as the seeds sound, they take a lot of time to explore. So, load up your game and start with the best island seeds right now. Also, if you know of more interesting and fun island seeds, share them with us and our readers in the comments section.