The 10 Best Ways to Use the ROKU Mobile App:-

If you have a streaming device such as a streaming stick, the set top box can be easily accessed by searching for much more. Then, we need to look for the 10 most helpful ROKU mobile applications.


ROKU can control mobile or ROKU TV devices. However, other devices will not be able to control the shots.

Use the Mobile App as a ROKU Remote Control:-  

Your ROKU remote will not work. Then ROKU TV cannot be controlled without ROKU remote.


Before, you start writing this post, you can download ROKU app on your mobile if you want.

  1. You need to open the application on android device ROKU mobile.
  2. Hold down the remote and click the menu below.
  3. With ROKU TV remote, the menu should be run in exactly the same way as the TV remote.

Use the ROKU Mobile Apps Swipe Pad:-

To apply on ROKU mobile you need to go ROKU menu. Go there and get directions for a swipe Pad. The direction are:-

  1. ROKU mobile application needs to be opened. And you have to use ROKU remote to control ROKU TV.
  1. There are lines on the top left to control the screen. Click on these three lines.
  2. Click the swipe under the ROKU remote.
  3. ROKU will have to go back to the mobile application.
  4. You should now be brought to the swipe menu.

Use the ROKU App to Find Out What’s On:-

ROKU app checks what is by selecting popular movies and shows. Learn more about ROKU app.

  1. Open the ROKU application and click on the ROKU channel.
  2. Sitcoms, Family Night etc are different with many more.
  3. The options for viewing the information of a shot cast show much more.

Use Keyboard Or Voice Search:-

If you want to see a movie, you can do a voice search. If you to watch the channel then there is no problem.

  1. Click on the magnify glass to start the process.
  2. After searching this you have to click on each field with the name of the good movie or channel.
  3. The results will come out to show more information including those options.
  1. To use this voice you need to click on the magnifying glass. Then you have to under click the mircrophone.
  2. You need to click the ROKU on your device’s microphone.
  3. Click ok to confirm.
  4. You speak in voice. The application will display your results.

    Launch Your Favorite Channels:-

    It is very easy to launch live channel from ROKU mobile app.

    1. You have open the ROKU application and click remote.
    2. Click the channels at the bottoms right.
    3. Yours need to sign up for ROKU channels.

    Use the ROKU Remote App’s Private Listening Feature:-

    1. You have to open ROKU app click with the remote.
    2. There are three lines on the sides for control in the upper right corner. Click on these three lines.
    3. There will be no problem to make audio system through your mobile device.
    4. Click ok can be personally confirmed.

    Add More Channels to Your ROKU in the Mobile App:-

    1. Click on the application ROKU devies.
    2. Then, you have to click on the ROKU channels.
    3. Go  on ROKU channel and click
    4. Click on a channel to see more information.
      1. To add a channel you need to click on another channel. To continue a channel, you need to click on these channels..

        You can check the featured channel in the browser when you store the channel.

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