How to Permanently Deleted Gmail Account

Gmail is one most popular email services around Gmail and is used by one million people worldwide. There are a lot of people who open a lot of Gmail accounts in one phone. But one of the reason is that opening a Gmail account in the phone of many signs. ¬†How to Deleted a Gmail … Read more

How to Restore Deleted Posts on Instagram

I will talk briefly about Instagram. How to restore deleted posts on Instagram. Before I begin, let me it clear that this posts is a medium so that you can get any lost or deleted posts. First you need to open the Instagram app. Then go to the profile page on Instagram then click the … Read more

How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus

One of the most important thing in computer security is Antivirus . There are almost hundreds of antivirus but only few are them popular which protects PCs from virus and malewares and one of them is Avast antivirus . Avast is one of the best and most used antivirus among windows pc users. Peoples use … Read more