How to Permanently Deleted Gmail Account

Gmail is one most popular email services around Gmail and is used by one million people worldwide. There are a lot of people who open a lot of Gmail accounts on one phone. But one of the reasons is that opening a Gmail account on the phone of many signs.

How to Delete a Gmail Account:-

Any phone that has a Gmail app has three corners in the top left.

There is a setting at the bottom. Click on it and right-click.

Click on management account.

Click on Google account blew and click on your Gmail account.

 Click more below and click on remove account.

Now the question we should take is how can we delete the Gmail account.



How to Uninstall Avast Antivirus

One of the most important things in computer security is Antivirus. There are almost hundreds of antivirus but only a few are them popular which protects PCs from virus and malware and one of them is Avast antivirus. Avast is one of the best and most used antiviruses among windows pc users. Peoples use avast antivirus not only its protects from viruses also it has some useful features and its users friendly. But due to several reasons sometimes we need to uninstall avast antivirus from our pc. We can simply uninstall it from the control panel of windows pc but sometimes it is not uninstalled completely and also does work properly either. So if you are facing a problem with uninstalling avast and want to know how to completely remove or uninstall avast antivirus from windows 10, 8.1, or 7 then stick to this post. In this post, we are going to discuss step by step guide to uninstall or remove avast antivirus completely from windows Computer.

Top 10 Best Free Antivirus 2020 for Windows 7/8.1/10 PC:-

Avast Free Antivirus:-

Avast free antivirus software is one of the best antivirus software on the market in 2020. Avast free antivirus is just like any other antivirus because it has many features. Which will protect the computer from various types of virus attacks. With just one click, viruses from your system can do delete everything.

 Bitdefender Antivirus:-

Bitdefender antivirus free antivirus. Which has an anti-phishing and anti-malware app. Bitdefender has a feature that automatically scans new files and applications. This app will protect your computer from various types of virus attacks.

   AVG Antivirus Security:-

Antivirus is another popular security application is AVR antivirus. This antivirus has many features such as anti-malware, anti-phishing, etc.

    Malware bytes Anti-Malware:-

Malware bytes the app is an anti-malware application that brings the best anti-malware technology to the computer. This application is also attached to the computer or laptop which helps to remove various types of viruses.

   Microsoft Security Essentials:-

Microsoft security antivirus is software that is easy for users to use. Older versions of Microsoft’s need for security protection can be downloaded for free.

   Trust Go Antivirus & Computer Security:-

Trust go antivirus and computer security is another popular antivirus application. This application brings viruses and malware scanning. Which also includes some features.

     360 Security Antivirus boost:-

Expectations from computer protection applications and 360 protect in applications. There are many features that protect your computer from various virus attacks.

     Kasper sky Internet Security:-

Kasper sky is another popular name you must have heard of from the computer Antivirus scene. The Kasper sky Internet Security app brings all the great security features.

     Look Out Security and Antivirus:-

You must be familiar with Lookout, as the app comes on a lot of computers pre-installed and while some of us like our computer to be antivirus free, Lookout is worth keeping. The Lookout Security & Antivirus app is free on the Play Store with in-app purchases for premium features.

    Comodo Cloud Antivirus:-

Utilizing a multi-layered approach, Comodo Cloud Antivirus makes shielding your important data from viruses and malware, a walk in the park. First off, it identifies harmful programs by scanning them against a signature record, and delete them. Then there is the namesake cloud scanner module, which analyzes files by matching them against an online database of malicious files. Finally, the mode automatically runs unknown applications in a security-hardened and isolated virtual environment, so that they can’t affect other files. Regular features like real-time on-demand scan, custom file ratings, etc.

Final Words:-

Having an effective antivirus application in your software arsenal is pretty much essential these days. And as the above discussion makes clear, there is quite a lot of great antivirus software that you can use, without paying anything. So try them out, and let us know your favorite in the comments below.


How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung

Screenshots can be taken on any smartphone. However, taking screenshots of other smartphones is a bit different. But the smartphone I will talk about is how Samsung can take screenshots.

The easiest way take a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+:-

This time I will you about Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Here’s a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy1 Note 10.

First, you have to open the settings page. Go to the settings page and go to advanced features and click.

Go to the advanced features page and click on motion and gestures.

Then, click on the clicking motion and gesture.

How to Capture Screenshots with the S Pen on Galaxy Note 10 and Note10+:- 

There is an easy way to take screenshots of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. That is which S pen and Air Command should be used.

 If you want to take a screenshot of your smartphone then, I will tell you through these posts how to take a screenshot.

 This post informs that the Air Command menu that appears should be clicked.

 You can easily take screenshots of them through this post.

If your page is already s pen out. So, all you have to do is take a screenshot on your smartphone.

How to use buttons to take a screenshot on the Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+:-

If you feel more comfortable using the combination of buttons to take screenshots. On the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. You press the volume down buttons at the same time to capture screenshots. The screenshot will be briefly flashed and the screenshot will be saved in the gallery.


How to send files from computer to what’s app with what’s app wed


First, you need to install what’s app on your computer or laptop. We need to go to google and what’s app download. Then, simple,  secure reliable messages came. When a page opens, it well has text on top of it.

It will be opened by opening what’s an app on your phone, it will have three dots line, and by clicking the dot lines, it will have what’s app messager sitting in a new group, new broadcast, what’s app wed, starred message and sittings there will be an option to do this. One of the options is to click on what’s the app, it is a complete click on what’s app wed in that option will make it look like a computer by click on it. It will show the signs in with the camera on the phone and then at the end, the computer will open the what’s app files.

If you have your own computer or laptop, there will be signs in. if for some reason it is on your friends’ computer or laptop, then, you need to turn off the signs. otherwise, if you have mobile data on, your friends will see it, so you have to turn off the signs in ads on your friends’ computer or laptop. If for some reason you have your own laptop, there is no problem.




How to root android mobile or tablets

Do you want more control of your android phone? Android phone rooting opens up a new world. But it can also your phone warranty, leave you with a broken

android phone or tablets.

After proceeding, it is important that rooting is not easy always. If your decide that your android phone need to root your android phone device continues.

Related reading:-

The best root apps for rooted android phones and tablets.The best android phone.

This android phone on how to root android phones. Your android phone through that needs steps to root your android phone’s device. Some android phones can be roots in few minutes. But one thing is clear, your android phone is rooting your phone is one of the best ways to tap into your android phone devices.

 What is rooting?

Ans: your android phone are rooting simply refers to the act to commands, system files, and folder locations that are usually locked off for the users.

Why would you root?

 Android phones one of the biggest phone to root your android phone is so that you can impossible to uninstalls the app. Some android phones on devices. This android phone rooting will disable sittings. Android phone benefits include the install tools and flash custom ROMs.

Why would you root?

there are four androids to rooting in your android phone.

a.Voiding your warranty: some android phone carriers are void your android phone warranty if your phone root device. So that it is kept in your mind that can always unroot. If you need your android phone to send the device back for repair and simply flash your phone.

b.Bricking your phone: android phone somethings goes wrong during the rooting. Your android phone runs the risk of bricking your phone device.

c.Security risks: the android phone is rooting introduces some security risks. Android phone on services you use on your phone device.

d.Disabled apps: some phone security apps and services do not work on your phone-rooted devices. Your android phone play store like google pay app and phone banking is not supported. Your phone apps services like shows, movies and etc. anywhere, your phone will not start on root devices.

How to prepare your Android device for rooting:


Root an Android phone device is using an app. A number of rooting apps. These services are usually rooted in your phone device. But some phone of them only supports devices. So Android phone needs to do some shopping around to find one that works for your devices.

ready to root your android phone or tablets?

Millions of millions of days of the android phone are every month. The most important phone system in the world.

This android phone is large hundreds of thousands of apps. His phone users have it all. Your android phone on click root wants to you get the most out of your device.


The 10 Best Ways to Use the ROKU Mobile App

If you have a streaming device such as a streaming stick, the set-top box can be easily accessed by searching for much more. Then, we need to look for the 10 most helpful ROKU mobile applications.


ROKU can control mobile or ROKU TV devices. However, other devices will not be able to control the shots.

Use the Mobile App as a ROKU Remote Control:-  

Your ROKU remote will not work. Then Roku TV cannot be controlled without the ROKU remote.


Before, you start writing this post, you can download the ROKU app on your mobile if you want.

You need to open the application on android device ROKU mobile.

Hold down the remote and click the menu below.

With ROKU TV remote, the menu should be run in exactly the same way as the TV remote.

Use the ROKU Mobile Apps Swipe Pad:-

To apply on ROKU mobile you need to go ROKU menu. Go there and get directions for a swipe Pad. The direction is:-

ROKU mobile application needs to be opened. And you have to use ROKU remote to control ROKU TV.

There are lines on the top left to control the screen. Click on these three lines.

Click the swipe under the ROKU remote.

ROKU will have to go back to the mobile application.

You should now be brought to the swipe menu.

Use the ROKU App to Find Out What’s On:-

ROKU app checks what is by selecting popular movies and shows. Learn more about the ROKU app.

Open the ROKU application and click on the ROKU channel.

Sitcoms, Family Night, etc are different with many more.

The options for viewing the information of a shot cast show much more.

Use Keyboard Or Voice Search:-

If you want to see a movie, you can do a voice search. If you to watch the channel then there is no problem.

Click on the magnifying glass to start the process.

After searching this you have to click on each field with the name of the good movie or channel.

The results will come out to show more information including those options.

To use this voice you need to click on the magnifying glass. Then you have to under-click the microphone.

You need to click the ROKU on your device’s microphone.

Click ok to confirm.

You speak in your voice. The application will display your results.

Launch Your Favorite Channels:-

It is very easy to launch a live channel from ROKU

You have opened the ROKU application and click the remote.

Click the channels at the bottoms right.

You need to sign up for ROKU channels.

Use the ROKU Remote App’s Private Listening Feature:-

You have to open the ROKU app click with the remote.

There are three lines on the sides for control in the upper right corner. Click on these three lines.

There will be no problem making an audio system through your mobile device.

Click ok can be personally confirmed.

Add More Channels to Your ROKU in the Mobile App:-

Click on the application ROKU devices.

Then, you have to click on the ROKU channels.

Go  on the ROKU channel and click

Click on a channel to see more information.

To add a channel you need to click on another channel. To continue a channel, you need to click on these channels.

You can check the featured channel in the browser when you store the channel.