A YouTuber Fixed the Switch Joy-Con Drift Issue with a Piece of Cardboard

If you’re a Nintendo Switch user, you’ve probably experienced or at least heard of the Joy-Con drift issue. This is a widespread production error that affects switch win-con regulators. It removes the analog sticks of the controller and inputs their own commands without any external power. This has been an irreversible problem for users and has plagued the community for a long time. However, a YouTuber apparently found a permanent solution to the problem using a piece of cardboard. So, let’s take a look at how YouTube solved the problem and why it happened in the first place.

What is the Joy-Con Drift Issue?

The Joy-Con drift problem is basically an annoying hardware error that causes analog sticks to automatically move in a certain direction, even when no one touches them. This has affected numerous switches and switch light users, not to mention the newly announced switch OLEDO, as it supports previous Win-Con controllers.

We’ve seen users complain about problems for a long time. In fact, a mother-son pair sued Nintendo for the issue and demanded $ 5 million for giving customers faulty controllers. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that, in most cases, even Nintendo does not solve the problem if you send Joy-Cons for repairs. Instead, they send a new pair of controllers to the users.

Why Does Happens?

Now, coming to the cause of the Joy-Con Drift issue, it was not known until the fix was shared, including the reason why the YouTuber VK channel happened.

To find out the cause of the problem, YouTubers first used a calibration tool to monitor the flow of analog sticks. During his experiments, he discovered that when an analog stick automatically moves in a certain direction, the controller fixes the analog stick by applying a little pressure.

Permanent Fix for Joy-Con Drift Issue:-

To fix this, the VK channel uses a simple method to permanently prevent analog stick drifting. He opened an impressive Joy-Con console for internal access. He then simply placed a small piece of cardboard inside the console and reassembled it. It tightens the controller and presses the analog stick so that it cannot move freely.

Permanently Fix Joy-Con Drift Issue with This Nifty Method:-

Now, coming to the credibility of the fix, many of the affected switch users have been successful in using the method. As a result, the video has gone viral in the Switch community. While some users have praised YouTubers for solving the old win-win problem, others have ridiculed Nintendo for not solving it for so long.

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